Do you want to write about movies, gaming, sport, tv, music or comics and kick-start your journalism career today? Are you hot on the latest fashion trends or technology gizmo’s? Do you want to get your foot in the door and enter the big-wide world of the online media and have your work read and shared by millions of readers every month?

Or maybe you just want a platform to blog as a hobby and talk about your lifelong passions such as articles Reviewing the latest Doctor Who episode, debating over what’s best between Modern Warfare 3 over Battlefield 3, writing a top ten film list, predicting who your favourite football team might buy in the summer or even write about why you love a local restaurant?

Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t have clicked on this page.

If any of the following sounds familiar, then What Culture is for you:

  • You are passionate about something and want to write about it.
  • You are looking for journalistic experience and to taste what it might be like for a future career.
  • You want a platform for your writings and to learn the tools of how to publish articles to the web.
  • You want a large audience for your writings where readers can debate about YOUR opinions.
  • You want access to media events and merchandise for journalism/review purposes.
  • You want to be part of an ever growing community.

That is everything writing for What Culture is about in a nutshell. If this sounds like something you would want to be involved in THEN APPLY NOW.


Still Here?

So you still need some convincing, huh? Ok we understand. Sometimes in life you have to play hard ball.

Here’s our reasons in more depth why you should not delay in applying to the What Culture Writers Program today…


Real Journalistic Experience & Chance To Meet Your Heroes

What Culture is your opportunity to become a film critic, a sports journalist or published author on whatever you vocation. It is an opportunity to not only write about what you love and are passionately interested in, but to ignite debates, travel to exclusive events (such as Cannes Film Festival or the Venice Film Festival) and even meet the people you have idolised all your life for our money can’t buy interview experience. Or it is your opportunity just to sit in your darkened room with the curtains drawn to declare your love to Star Trek.

What Culture Blogger Interview Examples:

When Rob met Colin Firth or when Mark met Sean Bean or when Simon met Mick Foley or when we met this lovely young lady;

In fact, we’ve interviewed hundreds of people.

Write About What You Want To Write

What Culture offers you the chance to become an active journalist and write about what is you want to write about and in the way you want to write about it. Whatever you have tried up until this point clearly hasn’t satisfied you as you attempt to start your writing career and we will bet it is because you haven’t been writing what you want to write about.

No matter how diverse your topic, What Culture wants to hear your topic!

This is not a 9-to-5 job where you drone on about endless topics that actually you don’t really care about at all and copy edit press releases or fluff stories to fill a quota. What Culture is a place where your passions fuel your writings, your opinions on your life time hobbies are vital in shaping your expert opinion that we value and want to be shared with the like minded and debated on a real time basis.

In a world where authorial freedom is becoming an afterthought, for us it’s our primary thought!

You can also write as much or as little as you like during the course of your lifespan with us. Some writers contribute as much as three times a day, some as little as once or twice a month.

If you do like to work to Deadlines and are interested in finding out about specific roles we need filling, click HERE.


Get Your Name Out There

Whether it is to get your name and your portfolio of reviews included on the world’s most respected film reviews aggregator Rotten Tomatoes…


Or your reviews mentioned in trailers and on Blu-ray/DVD covers of Hollywood’s biggest films;

From the official UK trailer of Shame


Or your articles listed on the top of the world’s most popular search engine Google in the presence of billions via our high Google News rankings…


You work has the potential to be read by millions…

What Culture is the best place for anyone who knows they want to work in this industry but doesn’t know where to get started. Well we are here to tell you, What Culture is where you get started and the benefits can be high.

Dozens of our writers in the past have been asked to appear on radio (such as BBC 5Live, Metro FM, Dublin FM, etc) as expert talking heads and also on UK television on Sky News.


Ready-Made Audience

No matter how well designed or well written a blog post is, it of course means nothing without an audience. What Culture prides itself on its community feel and WC have over 1 million readers every single month, thousands of fans on Facebook and thousands on Twitter to help share your articles.

We also invest much time in our email newsletter program where your writings land straight into the inbox of the WC masses. Every time you write something on the site it is instantly linked in a our ever growing worldwide network.


Access That Money Can’t Buy

On this program you will be given access to the same resources that the major networks and media corporations receive. For those who are determined, we can offer you access to press screenings of the latest films, entry to music and sporting events to cover as a working journalist and access to the stars that in this economy is getting ever the harder with so few jobs in journalism going these days.

We have helped hundreds of people before you realise their dreams of becoming journalists and having the relevant and real experience to put on your CV to give you the best opportunity of finding work in this industry and we can offer the same for you.

User Friendly Publishing Tools

Using WordPress, we can accommodate any kind of article you wish to contribute. Whether it be a news piece, a long-form editorial feature, live blogging, a short or long review, a picture or video gallery, or a mixture of all these things… we have the resources available at hand for you so you can format your article to any specification you desire.

We give you the real hands-on experience with a major formatting tool, not just a place where you forward a Microsoft Word document or written email (though we can accommodate that too for those who aren’t interested in learning WordPress).

Multimedia Opportunities

Whether you wish to add a poll, add a Youtube video using our popular account or add an audio file such as a podcast or a commentary, we have all the tools to back up your work. In a world where the internet audience have low attention spans, we can offer you the keys to making your articles look as glamorous and interesting as they were conceived in your head and keep the reader reading right to the last word.

Copy Editors & A Team Effort

We have a professional team who can check all your copy for spelling, grammar, accuracy and fix any typos you have written and optimise all your contributions for the best search-engine placement and so your work can be read by as many people as possible. We can also deliver our professional opinion on what your writings would need to be improved upon for next time and what key missing ingredients in your work may have stopped you in the past.

What Culture is also a team effort and our hundreds of writers, including those who have been with us for several years and have become veterans will be able to help you with anything you are struggling with in your writings.

The What Culture publishing program is a true Godsend for all hopeful writings wishing to become an online journalist.

At What Culture you can write about a whole host of things for pleasure, passion and/or to boost your CV with vital experience in this ever competitive media environment.

Important: We won’t sugar coat anything for you. What you see is what you get with What Culture. We offer you the platform to become the journalist you always knew you could be but despite our many rewards, we do not offer payment for your work.

So what are you waiting for? Apply today and it might just change your life…