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Final 19 Episodes Of WCW Thunder Added To WWE Network

For those with a high pain threshold, all 156 episodes of Thunder are now available to revisit.
By Andrew Pollard

AEW Announces Bash At The Beach Return!

'Bash at the Beach' and 'Blood and Guts' are in AEW's future.
By Andrew Pollard

AEW Files Trademark For "All Elite Wrestling Blood & Guts"

Could this be the title of AEW's next big pay-per-view?
By Andrew Murray

5 Must-Read Comics For Wrestling Fans

Are you a mark for Finn Bálor and Spider-Man? If you answered yes, these are the comics for you.…
By Kody Schmitt

10 Fighters Who Were Banished From UFC

Don't expect to see this lot in an Octagon any time soon.
By Gareth Morgan

WWE Entering ESports Market With "Superstar Gaming League"?

New trademark filings signposts WWE's new gaming direction.
By Andrew Murray

Brian Kendrick Announces Indefinite Hiatus From WWE

The former Cruiserweight Champion is taking some time off from WWE.
By Andrew Murray

Report: Kairi Sane Interested In "Options Outside Of WWE"

Sane's WWE contract reportedly expires in March 2020.
By Andrew Murray

NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool II Confirmed - 3 Matches Announced (SPOILERS)

NXT UK returns to its spiritual home on 11 January 2020.
By Andrew Murray

NXT's Aliyah's Broken Nose Was A Work

It looks like Aliyah's horror injury wasn't so horrible after all.
By Andrew Murray

Oney Lorcan Requests WWE Release

The NXT/205 Live man tried to engineer a WWE release last month.
By Andrew Murray

Rey Mysterio Could Leave WWE Before WrestleMania 36

Big update on the WWE Championship contender's contract status.
By Andrew Murray

15 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Nov 17th) gallery

Superheroes, backstage legends and Sadie's holiday...
By Simon Gallagher

Exposing The AEW Bias Myth

“You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.”
By Michael Sidgwick

25 Most Revealing WWE Instagram Posts Of The Week (Nov 17th) gallery

Spinal screws, bloody noses and new bling...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Most Horrific Wrestling Injuries

Don’t try this at home.
By Jack Cunningham

8 Problems Nobody Wants To Admit About AEW

Despite its promising start, AEW isn't the perfect promotion some fans are making it out to be.
By Andrew Pollard

5 Fighters Poised To Take Conor McGregor’s Place As The Face Of UFC

Who can fill Conor McGregor's massive shoes?
By Jacques Martin

10 Reasons WWE Loyalists Should Give AEW A Chance

War is stupid, wrestling war doubly so.
By Chris Chopping

8 Ups & 3 Downs From Last Night’s WWE SmackDown (15 Nov)

Healing the 'Fiend' but dumping on War Games...
By Jamie Kennedy

18 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (15 Nov)

Alakazam, Space Jam, Rocky, Crown Drool and FOX hating on the USA Network...
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE 2K's Social Media Gets Hacked

Someone's having a lot of fun with 2K's Twitter and Facebook accounts...
By Jamie Kennedy

Bray Wyatt Unveils New WWE Universal Title Belt

Brand awareness and customisation are important to the 'Fiend'.
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE 2K21: 10 Improvements It Must Make On 2K20

A product to be proud of. Or else...
By Jamie Kennedy

Every Major Weekly Wrestling Show Ranked From Worst To Best

Raw, SmackDown, Dynamite, Powerrr... and everything in between.
By Andrew Murray

10 Times WWE Didn't Deserve To Be Unpopular

The world isn't watching.
By Michael Sidgwick

Ranking Every Raw Vs SmackDown WWE Survivor Series Match From Worst To Best

Brand Warfare subsumes the 'Thanksgiving Classic'
By Michael Hamflett

Update On Estimated AEW Full Gear PPV Buys

Just how many PPV buys did All Elite Wrestling's latest PPV do?
By Andrew Pollard

WWE May Grant Superstar Releases

After refusing similar requests from other wrestlers, WWE may grant Sin Cara his wish.
By Andrew Pollard

Hulk Hogan Updates Fans After Recent Back Surgery

The Hulkster takes to Twitter to reveal what he's had removed from his back.
By Andrew Pollard