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10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (July 29)

Find out which WWE Hall Of Famer would have changed Raw's main event...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Wrestlers Who Can Succeed Finn Balor As NXT's Icon

The Demon is gone, but who should fill his shoes?
By Andrew Murray

Two More Released From NXT

An MMA fighter and a bodybuilder have followed ZZ out the door.
By John Bills

10 Things You Didn't Know About Jinder Mahal

Jinder was trained by an Olympic medallist, just not the one you are thinking of.
By John Bills

10 Improvements WWE Have Already Made In The New Era

WWE are heading in the right direction.
By Andrew Murray

'The True Story Of Royal Rumble' DVD Set For December Release

Time to make space on the DVD shelf once again.
By John Bills

6 Ups & 2 Downs From Last Night's WWE NXT (July 27)

Brooklyn Beckons!
By Scott Fried

WWE Reports Record Q2 Results

WWE didn't do too shabby in 2016's second quarter at all.
By John Bills

10 Worst World Champions In WWE History

Proof that two world champions only gives WWE double the chances of picking the wrong guy.
By Adam Blampied

10 WWE Stars With The Least PPV Matches Before A World Title Match

It didn't taken these guys long to challenge for a world title on pay-per-view.
By John Bills

6 Ways You Didn't Realise The WWE Draft Was Great For NXT

Was NXT the true winner of last week's draft?
By John Bills

How Did The First WWE SmackDown Live Of The Draft Era Do In The Ratings?

Down from last week but better than the usual, you could give the show a B+.
By John Bills

WWE Update On Booty-O's Cereal

A special t-shirt is to be released alongside the breakfast blast of positivity.
By John Bills

Jinder Mahal Returning To WWE

The hindering of Jinder is about to come to an end.
By John Bills

Kurt Angle To Wrestle For WCPW On October 6th

Oh it's true, it's damn true.
By John Bills

5 Ups And 2 Downs From WWE Cruiserweight Classic (July 27)

WWE Network tournament continues to entertain.
By Scott Carlson

5 Biggest Winners & Losers From WWE SmackDown Live (July 26)

The New Era hits a snag or two.
By Andrew Murray

10 Wrestling PPV Matches Allocated Far Too Little Time

No! No! No!
By Michael Sidgwick

The Dudley Boyz Sign New WWE Contract

23-time World Tag Team Champions are sticking around a bit longer.
By John Bills

WWE Spokesperson Reveals Why Brock Lesnar Avoided WWE Suspension

It's one rule for some and one rule for another.
By John Bills

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shelton Benjamin

Including a Guinness world record and a rather unlikely entrance song...
By Elliott Binks

WWE Backlash PPV Return Confirmed

The first brand-exclusive PPV of the new era is official.
By John Bills

10 Wrestlers Who Competed In The Olympics

Before entering the squared circle these men represented their nations at the summer…
By John Bills

Rhyno Returns At WWE SmackDown & American Alpha Debut Confirmed

The new era surprises keep on coming.
By John Bills

What Happened After WWE SmackDown Went Off The Air?

The rosters are not quite completely separated just yet it seems.
By John Bills

Drew Galloway Coming To WCPW

The Chosen One is the latest huge name to be confirmed for WCPW's August shows.
By John Bills

Ratings Up For WWE Raw's "New Era"

A good sign for the flagship show's change in direction.
By Brad Hamilton

Shelton Benjamin's WWE Return Officially Announced

The brand split has brought the return of an awesome talent.
By Brad Hamilton

WWE Raw: 10 Best One-liners From This Week’s Show (July 25)

Trash talk, Pokémon puns, and verbal passing of the proverbial torch...
By Elliott Binks

WWE Raw: 10 Things You Might Have Missed (July 25)

Kevin Owens had Finn Balor down for the count more than once on Raw...
By Jamie Kennedy