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How Long Until WWE Ruins The New NXT Call-Ups? A Scientific Study

An Inconvenient Truth.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Non-Title Matches That Could Happen At WWE WrestleMania 35

Gold standard, only without the gold...
By Joe Fish

20 Things You Probably Missed From WWE Raw (Feb 18)

Ronda's strikes hit so bloody hard her opponents even sell fresh air...
By Jamie Kennedy

Four Years Later: The Rise & Rise Of #GiveDivasAChance & The WWE Women's Evolution

"We hear you. Keep watching." - Vince McMahon.
By Michael Hamflett

Asuka's WWE WrestleMania 35 Opponent Leaked?

They haven't entirely forgotten about the SmackDown Women's Champion.
By Benjamin Richardson

Big Opponents Rumoured For Daniel Bryan At WWE WrestleMania 35

Bryan will be facing a returning star, say sources.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Best Times WWE Stars Pulled Double Duty

All the times that one match wasn't enough.
By Matt O'Connell

WWE Undertaker Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Original Deadman Years? quiz

Can you bury your fears and overcome The Deadman's quiz?
By Michael Patterson

10 Women AEW Need To Sign

AEW wants a women's division, but who should be among its first members?
By Jacob Simmons

Major Backstage Heat On WWE Raw Superstar?

This Raw wrestler is attracting the wrong kind of backstage attention.
By Andrew Murray

Are WWE Preparing For Michael Cole's Commentary Exit?

Cole isn't on the way out YET... but it may come sooner than you think.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Remember WrestleMania 33? quiz

The ride may be over, but the memories live on.
By Jacques Martin

Is Becky Lynch Vince McMahon's New "Chosen One" In WWE?

The Chairman is reportedly very, very high on 'The Man'.
By Andrew Murray

4 MAJOR NXT Stars Invade WWE Raw

NXT's biggest names make their main roster mark.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Quiz: How Well Do You Know WALTER? User quiz

Test your knowledge about NXT UK's newest hard-hitting Superstar!
By Lukas Priessnitz

Fighting With My Family Review: 7 Ups & 3 Downs

A simple but effective wrestling biopic.
By Jack Pooley

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: 10 Things We Learned

There's money in an unlikely title upset post-WrestleMania, baaaaaabyyyyyy...
By Jamie Kennedy

The Four Worst Wrestling Debuts Ever

“Six months might seem like forever to a fan who doesn’t know what the plan is.” - Triple H.…
By Michael Sidgwick

7 Biggest Missed Opportunities From WWE Elimination Chamber 2019

Confusion reigns supreme at Elimination Chamber.
By Michael Patterson

Chyna To FINALLY Be Inducted Into WWE Hall Of Fame

The 9th Wonder Of The World will enter the HOF in 2019... but there's a catch.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: Every Match Ranked From Worst To Best

What a main event.
By Jack Pooley

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: 10 Things It Got Right

'Stone Cold' Becky Lynch.
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE Elimination Chamber 2019: Star Ratings For All 7 Matches

Magic shows and sh*t shows; the bizarre fascination of modern WWE, distilled.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Non-Wrestlers Who Need To Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame

It's not just grapplers who deserve a spot amongst the immortals.
By Jacob Simmons

10 WWE Elimination Chamber 2019 Impulse Reactions

Banks, Bayley, Bryan and Kofi turn the Elimination Chamber into a cage of enlightenment...
By Michael Hamflett

Hey Yo: How Well Do You Know Scott Hall? quiz

Say hello to The Bad Guy's Quiz.
By Jacques Martin

The Miz & Maryse Announce They're Expecting Their Second Child

Monroe Sky Mizanin is about to get a new brother or sister.
By Andrew Murray

Naomi & Carmella Hurt By Punishment Booking At WWE Elimination Chamber 2019?

The SmackDown Superstars struggled in the Women's Tag Title match.
By Andrew Murray

The Usos Break Big WWE Record At Elimination Chamber 2019

Jimmy and Jey defeated Shane McMahon and The Miz last night.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Gallery: Cesaro’s 15 Most Insane Spots From 2016 To Present gallery

Mid-air European Uppercuts, Cesaro Swings, and the Suicide Dive that almost broke Cesaro’s neck……
By Justin Boo