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29 WTF Moments From WWE Attitude Era Raw 1998 (Feb 9)

No Way Out's go-home show ramps up the tension...

9 Feb 2016 Jack Pooley


10 Wrestlers Who Were Forced To Retire Young

The Gods of wrestling injuries can be cruel.

9 Feb 2016 Scott Fried


9 Ups And 6 Downs From Last Night's WWE Raw (Feb 8)

The Yes! Movement rides high for one last night. Ambrose calls out the Beast.

9 Feb 2016 Scott Carlson


Daniel Bryan Retires During Emotional WWE RAW Segment

A grateful Daniel Bryan closed the book on his storied wrestling career.

9 Feb 2016 Ryan Droste


AJ Styles Vs Chris Jericho Announced For WWE SmackDown

Jericho and Styles to face off once again on the USA Network.

9 Feb 2016 Ryan Droste


10 Best Daniel Bryan Matches In WWE

The bearded mat machine has stolen many WWE shows.

8 Feb 2016 Justin Henry


WWE Fan Backlash Cancels The Undertaker Vs Braun Strowman

Fan outrage could be responsible for new booking direction.

8 Feb 2016 Scott Fried


10 Reasons WWE Will Fire Lana On Her Wedding Day

You may now kiss the... "YOU'RE FIIIIIIRED!"

8 Feb 2016 Ross Tweddell


More Details On Daniel Bryan's Retirement

Ailing star had requested WWE release...

8 Feb 2016 Scott Fried


7 Shawn Michaels WWE Dream Matches We Could Still See

A whole host of HBK dream matches just sitting there, waiting to be booked...

8 Feb 2016 Lewis Howse


10 Ways Daniel Bryan Changed WWE Forever

A legacy to be proud of.

8 Feb 2016 Grahame Herbert


Daniel Bryan Announces Retirement From Wrestling

The news we hoped would never come - D-Bry is done.

8 Feb 2016 Kenny McIntosh


WWE Fastlane: 10 Possible Scenarios For The Main Event

Brock Lesnar? Roman Reigns? Dean Ambrose? Those are the questions, here are the answers.

8 Feb 2016 Connor Bennett


10 Hottest WWE Couples Ever

These beauties and their beasts have steamed up WWE television for years.

8 Feb 2016 Erik Beaston

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20 WTF Moments From WCW Nitro (Feb 2nd, 1998)

Giants fined, a Regal return and Sting returns to the Nitro ring.

8 Feb 2016 Kenny McIntosh


Predicting The Next 10 WWE Champions

Triple H. Roman Reigns. And then...?

8 Feb 2016 Scott Fried

9 Burning Questions For WWE Raw (Feb 8)

Will the remainder of the Shield implode? Does WWE remember there's a PPV in two weeks?

8 Feb 2016 Scott Carlson


Daniel Bryan Returns For WWE RAW Tonight

Bryan scheduled to appear in front of his hometown crowd.

8 Feb 2016 Ryan Droste


10 Booking Steps For WWE Raw (Feb 8)

Despite hammering Dean Ambrose, will Brock Lesnar inadvertently aid Roman Reigns on Raw?

7 Feb 2016 Jamie Kennedy

15 Most Embarrassing Slips In WWE History

From Lilian Garcia to Roman Reigns to Vince McMahon himself, nobody is immune to a good pratfall!

7 Feb 2016 Daniel Donnelly