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10 B-Team WWE Tag Team Champions

Dallas & Axel were bad, but not THIS bad...
By Andrew Murray

WWE Shooting Pilot For Matt Hardy Network Show

This Halloween special could be WONDERFUL...
By Jamie Kennedy

Ranking Every WWE Opening Signature From Worst To Best

"Yes Sir, we promised you a great main event this evening..."
By Michael Hamflett

Hulk Hogan Confirmed For WWE Crown Jewel?

GSA head basically confirms all morals out of the window.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Biggest Stories From NJPW's Destruction Events (And What They Mean Going Forward)

Kenny Omega and Hiroshi Tanahashi retain. Jay White and Gedo betray.
By Douglas Scarpa
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WWE 2K19 Ratings: 10 Most Underrated Wrestlers

We'd be p*ssed too, Seth...
By Jamie Kennedy

WWE: The Ultimate Dolph Ziggler Quiz

How well do you really know the Showoff?
By Scott Banner

WWE's Forgotten Tag Team Champions: How Much Do You Remember?

Not all tag champs earn fame. How well do you remember the most obscure?
By Jacob Simmons

10 Things WWE Wants You To Forget About Chris Jericho

'Let the boobies hit the floor'...
By Jamie Kennedy

Former Impact Wrestling Star Mia Yim Signs With WWE

Mae Young Classic standout inks full-time deal.
By Andrew Murray

Brie Bella KNOCKS OUT Liv Morgan On WWE Raw

Another week, another Bella botch...
By Andrew Murray

8 Incredible Wrestling Paydays You Won't Believe

Miss. Elizabeth > The Undertaker, Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect and Shawn Michaels.
By Jamie Kennedy
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WWE 2K19 Full Roster Ratings Revealed

Roll up, roll up. The ratings are here...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 INSANE WWE International Incidents

By Michael Sidgwick

Kevin Dunn Sells Over $10 Million In WWE Stock

WWE VP preparing for life after wrestling?
By Andrew Murray

10 Hardest Hitters In Wrestling Right Now

Get THESE Hands
By Michael Hamflett

The Brothers Of Destruction’s 10 Best WWE Moments

Hell hath no fury like The Undertaker and Kane...
By Michael Patterson

10 WWE Tag-Teams That United A Face And Heel

Some tag teams are good, some tag teams bad, some tag teams... well, they can get a bit complicated.…
By Jacob Simmons

WWE MSG Boxing Day Show Card Revealed

It's going to be a long winter.
By Benjamin Richardson

Sasha Banks Dealing With Unknown WWE Injury?

Don't expect to see 'The Boss' wrestling anytime soon.
By Andrew Murray

20 Shocking WWE Plans You Won’t Believe

Some ideas are best left in the trash...
By Andrew Murray

12 Strangest Things You Can Buy From WWE Shop Now

Child beards? The future.
By Simon Gallagher

9 Promos That Killed Wrestlers' Careers

Sorry, Billy, but The Rock's gotta do what The Rock's gotta do.
By Jacob Trowbridge

10 Stretches Of Punishments WWE Stars Had To Endure To Be Forgiven

The stars who came in from the cold.
By Andrew Murray

8 Geniuses Who Were Secretly Behind Famous Wrestling Ideas

It turns out Chris Jericho isn't the man we thought he was.
By David Cambridge

10 Second-Generation Wrestlers Who Never Made It

Wrestling's not always a family business...
By Scott Fried

10 WWE Angles That Got Personal

It's a family business.
By Dalton C. Wickett

10 Wrestlers Currently In The Best Shape Of Their Lives

Looking good!
By Adam Wilbourn

The Hardest WWF Attitude Era Quiz You'll Ever Take!

How well do you remember the good old days?
By Adam Wilbourn

How Vince McMahon Destroyed Typecasting In WWE

The Fundamentals Of Caring
By Michael Hamflett