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10 Wrestlers Who Need A Dean Ambrose Style Makeover

Someone give Gok Wan a call...
By Jamie Kennedy
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WWE 2K19 Daniel Bryan Showcase Announced

By Jamie Kennedy
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Chris Jericho Interview: Fozzy, “Judas”, WWE & Rock Stardom

The Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla is living up to his moniker on Fozzy’s festival tour.
By Matt Mills

10 Best Matches From The NJPW G1 Climax 2018

King Of Sports
By Michael Hamflett

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jim Neidhart

Three words: Charles freakin' Manson...
By Jamie Kennedy

What Vince McMahon Told Renee Young During WWE Raw Commentary

The boss was happy with Young's stand-in commentary performance...
By Jamie Kennedy

How Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns Will Steal The Show At WWE SummerSlam 2018

Press F5 To Refresh
By Michael Hamflett

NJPW: Every Member Of CHAOS Ranked

One of the longest-tenured groups in New Japan history has had its fair share of quality members.…
By Jake Roberts

The Hardest WWE SummerSlam Quiz You'll Ever Take!

The biggest quiz of the summer!
By Adam Wilbourn

8 Times WWE Tried (And Failed) To Make The Roman Reigns Experiment Work

They just don't know when to quit...
By Michael Patterson

Dean Ambrose Returns To WWE Raw JACKED!

'The Lunatic Fringe' is back and BIGGER than ever.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Legend Jim Neidhart Passes Away

He was 63-years old.
By Benjamin Richardson

Wrestling Quiz Of The Week! (08/11)

John Cena is going to reveal something in China... but what?
By Benjamin Richardson

7 Major Mistakes WWE Has Made With Brock Lesnar

So many better options than what we've gotten with The Beast.
By Scott Carlson

10 Best Wrestlers In NJPW (Right Now)

Who is the best of the best in the best wrestling promotion?
By Jake Roberts

10 Forgotten Moments In The Undertaker's WWE Career

The award for successfully dragging Diesel into the murky abyss goes to...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Most Radical Wrestling Makeovers

New look, new man.
By David Cambridge

5 Things To Watch On WWE Network This Week

Unseen matches, Superstar Picks, SummerSlam greatness and more...
By Jamie Kennedy

How Vince McMahon Will React To ROH Selling Out MSG

The game is changing, and the WWE Chairman knows it.
By Andrew Murray

Why Daniel Bryan Vs. The Miz Is ALREADY Such A Disappointment

Yes? No? It's neither nothing nor something.
By Michael Sidgwick

ROH & NJPW SELL OUT Madison Square Garden

The times they are a changin'.
By Michael Sidgwick

WWE Announce John Cena vs Kevin Owens For Super Show-Down

It turns out Australia CAN see him...
By Jamie Kennedy

Brock Lesnar WWE Quiz: Can You Answer These 10 Questions?

How well do you know The Beast's career?
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Backstage WWE Feuds That Changed Everything

The most heated rivalries of all...
By Scott Fried

8 Suggestions For John Cena's New Sixth Move Of Doom

Your time is up, his time is now... time to bust out a new finisher you CAN see beating someone.…
By Glenn Dallas

5 Most Insane Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now (August 10)

The Extraordinarily Tiny Man Who Can't Do WWE Main Events.
By Michael Sidgwick

CM Punk Being SUED By Colt Cabana Over Legal Fees

The Art Of Wrestling host is claiming $1.2 million in damages.
By Andrew Murray

10 Wrestling Facts We Didn’t Know Last Week (Aug 10)

"The whole world wants to hug you"...
By Jamie Kennedy
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WWE 2K19: Predicting 10 Legends Who Could Appear

"Well y'know something, Mean Gene..."
By Jamie Kennedy

ROH Sell 9,000 Tickets For MSG Debut - Half Way To Selling Out

WWE haven't sold out MSG in years.
By Jamie Kennedy