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10 WWE Stars You Didn't Know Started As Part Of The New Generation

I thought I've seen you somewhere before!

6 Feb 2016 Jacob Trowbridge


10 WWE Diva Matches That Were Basically Porn

Don't expect to see Charlotte or Sasha Banks in any of these matches.

6 Feb 2016 Grahame Herbert


10 Reasons WWE Has Ruined Roman Reigns

Next Stone Cold? Next Daniel Bryan? How about making him the first Roman Reigns?

6 Feb 2016 Ross Tweddell

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10 Reasons Daniel Bryan Could Return On Monday's WWE Raw

Seattle Raw the perfect place for Daniel Bryan's return?

6 Feb 2016 Grahame Herbert


9 Things You Didn't Know About WWE No Way Out

Reluctant title changes, career-threatening injuries and blockbuster angles. Not bad for a 'B' show.

6 Feb 2016 Lewis Howse


5 WWE Superstar Relations That Crashed And Burned In NXT

Success doesn't always run in the family.

6 Feb 2016 Alex Antliff


10 Wrestling Facts We Didn't Know Last Week (Feb 6)

Things could have been very different during the D-Generation X WCW invasion...

6 Feb 2016 Jamie Kennedy


5 Austin Aries Matches All WWE Fans Must See

Here's some homework to do before his TV arrival next month.

6 Feb 2016 John Bills


10 Big WWE Problems WrestleMania Season Will Expose

When will Vince McMahon wake up to these problems?

6 Feb 2016 Grahame Herbert


17 Things We Learned From AJ Styles On Talk Is Jericho

WWE's hottest new star shares his thoughts on debut, his time in New Japan and goals for the future.

6 Feb 2016 Brad Hamilton


WWE SmackDown Rating Falls This Week

The television viewership dropped slightly for this week's broadcast.

6 Feb 2016 Ryan Droste


17 WTF Moments From WWE SmackDown (Feb 4)

AJ knocks the teeth out of The Miz!

5 Feb 2016 Jack G King


WWE Releases Bull Dempsey And Two More NXT Wrestlers

NXT Departures galore....

5 Feb 2016 Kenny McIntosh


5 Ups And 3 Downs From Last Night's WWE Smackdown (Feb 4)

There's tension boiling between Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns...

5 Feb 2016 Jamie Kennedy


10 Things You Didn't Know About Bret Hart

"The Hitman" has led a wrestling career like nobody else.

5 Feb 2016 Justin Henry


Daniel Bryan Offered Non-Wrestling Role For Road To WrestleMania 32?

Is he likely to say yes, yes, yes, yes?

5 Feb 2016 Justin Henry


WWE's Original Plan For AJ Styles' Debut Revealed

Vince McMahon changed his mind very late in the day on how it would go down.

5 Feb 2016 Ross Tweddell

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13 WWE Superstars To Watch On Road To WrestleMania 32

The men and women who will leave an impact as the Showcase of the Immortals draws near...

5 Feb 2016 Erik Beaston


14 Things You Didn't Know About Axl Rotten

Fascinating facts about the life of an ECW Original... in his own words.

5 Feb 2016 James Dixon


10 Best Unscripted Moments In WWE History

Screwjobs, shoots and Curtain Calls...

5 Feb 2016 Ross Tweddell