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Randy Orton Triple H Stephanie McMahon 2009.jpg

10 Most Controversial Storylines Of WWE's PG Era

These 10 stories will live in PG Era infamy...
By Erik Beaston
Roman Reigns AJ Styles RAW

7 Observations From Attending WWE Raw Live In Missouri

What went down in the crowd at WWE RAW? Let's find out.
By David McCutcheon
Bobby Heenan

Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan Hospitalised After A Fall

Wishing 'The Brain' a speedy recover.
By John Bills
Eva Marie Asuka.jpg

WWE Considering Global Women's Tournament?

The female wrestling revolution in WWE could be set to continue.
By John Bills
Sasha Banks Becky Lynch Extreme Rules.jpg

WWE Extreme Rules 2016: 8 Matches We Most Want To See

Anderson and Gallows to make their PPV debut, a Women's Title No. 1 contender match and much…
By Jack G King
roman reigns aj styles

10 Quick Fixes That Would Have Improved WWE Payback 2016

Kevin Owens joins the announce team.
By Jack Pooley
zack sabre jr

9 Things WWE Fans Need To Know About Zack Sabre Jr.

He's qualified for the Global Cruiserweight Series, so it's time to learn more.
By John Bills
David Arquette WCW

9 Worst WCW Pay-Per-Views Of All Time

We paid for that? WE PAID FOR THAT??
By Jacob Trowbridge
Steve Austin CM Punk.jpg

10 Biggest Wasted Opportunities In WWE

The road not taken sometimes goes to some very interesting places.
By Ben Cooke
Rated RKO DX

8 Wild & Unscripted WWE Moments That Made Matches Better

That wasn't supposed to happen, but we're sure glad it did!
By Jacob Trowbridge
AJ Styles Calf Crusher Roman Reigns Payback.jpg

WWE Payback 2016: 10 Things WWE Got Right

WWE's decision to book AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns was vindicated...
By Jamie Kennedy
Okada TNA NJPW.jpg

11 Wrestlers TNA Completely Dropped The Ball With

Could these men (and women) have made a difference to the beleaguered company?
By John Bills
The Rock Intercontinental Champion.jpg

10 Best WWE Intercontinental Champions Of The 90s

Who best personified the so-called 'Workhorse Title' during the post-Rock 'n' Wrestling decade?
By Matt Davis
Tamina Snuka

Tamina Snuka Undergoes Surgery

We all need to repair torn ligaments from time to time.
By John Bills
Seth Rollins

10 WWE Questions You Most Want Answered (May 4)

Who will end Roman's reign as champion?
By Jack G King
Test ECW 2006.jpg

10 Most Unsuccessful WWE Returns Of All-Time

Second chances are far and few between, and these WWE stars didn't make the most of them.
By Graham GSM Matthews
Tazz Tazzmission Kurt Angle.jpg

9 Ways WWE Owes A Debt To UFC

These days a work has to pretend to be a shoot in order to work.
By Ben Cooke
Darren Young

Darren Young Gets Bob Backlund As "Life Coach" Manager On WWE SmackDown

Is it time to 'Make Darren Great Again'?
By John Bills
adam rose evil bunny

Adam Rose Posts Doctors Note Challenging His WWE Suspension

A radical move from the Radical Mongoose.
By John Bills
Kevin Owens Sami Zayn Payback.jpg

WWE Payback 2016: 10 Reasons It Was Better Than WrestleMania 32

Away from the pressure of their biggest show, WWE delivered...
By Jamie Kennedy
Shane McMahon Mick Foley

WWE Announces Shane McMahon 'Tell All Podcast' With Mick Foley

The Hardcore Legend and Shane-O Mac to reveal everything after Extreme Rules.
By John Bills
Kane, Undertaker

10 Current WWE Stars Who Are Majorly Out Of Shape

Vince may dream of a roster of John Cenas, but that isn't exactly the case...
By Jack G King
Triple H Chris Jericho Judgement Day 2002 HEll in a Cell

Ranking WWE Judgment Day PPVs - From Worst To Best

Judging 'Judgment Day'...the bitter irony.
By Lewis Howse
ryback wwe

Ryback Writes Lengthy Blog Post Explaining WWE Contract Dispute

Former Intercontinental Champion reveals reasons for going home before Raw.
By Scott Fried
Charles Robinson

10 Best Things The Internet Has Done With WWE Raw (May 2)

RIP Dean Ambrose's potted plant. 2016-2016.
By Jack G King
john cena celebration

5 Reasons Not To Cheer For John Cena's WWE Return

The champ is here! And...?
By Scott Fried
WWE Payback McMahons.jpg

9 Best Quotes From WWE Payback 2016

JBL and Kevin Owens light up the airwaves.
By Fin Martin
chris jericho dean ambrose

WWE Raw: 10 Things You Might Have Missed (May 2)

Getting payback for Payback...
By Scott Fried
new day vaudevillains

WWE Extreme Rules 2016 Updated Card

New matches added to the extreme card after Monday Night RAW.
By John Bills
ryback wwe

Backstage News On Ryback Walking Out On WWE

Have we seen the last of the Big Guy?
By John Bills