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Everything You Need To Know About The NJPW G1 Climax

Get yourself hyped for the NJPW G1 Climax, starting here.
By John Bills

Hideo Itami Returning To WWE NXT This Week?

Over a year later, the former KENTA could be about to return.
By John Bills

WWE RAW Ratings Down Again

No, it isn't Groundhog Day, ratings are down once again.
By John Bills

10 Most Essential WWE European Title Matches

WWE abandoned Europe years before Britain.
By Martyn Grant

10 Best WWE PPV Moments Of 2016 (So Far)

The best WWE moments you paid to watch this year. 
By Jamie Kennedy

10 WWE Questions You Most Want Answered (June 29)

What's more important: exciting matches or exciting storylines?
By Jack G King

10 Most Shocking First-Time WWE Champions

Which WWE title changes were also the biggest surprises?
By Matt Davis

5 Ups And 3 Downs From WCPW Loaded Episode 1

It all hits the ring!
By Scott Fried

Does Batista Have Regrets Over His Last WWE Run?

The Animal takes to MLW Radio to air his grievances.
By John Bills

CM Punk Says He Could Return To Wrestling?

Never say never, because Punk could pop up someday.
By Andrew Soucek

Prince Puma Reportedly Finished With Lucha Underground

Top Lucha star headed to WWE?
By Andrew Soucek

10 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Star Ratings Dave Meltzer Got Wrong

The few times Meltzer dropped the ball.
By Michael Sidgwick

10 Former WWE Stars Who Definitely Should Not Return For Brand Split 2016

Some guys are just better off outside of WWE.
By John Bills

30 WTF Moments From WWE RAW (June 27)

Seth went there... he really, really went there...
By Ross Tweddell

Jimmy Snuka Added To WrestleCon Over WrestleMania 33 Weekend

Too unfit for trial, perfectly fit for a meet and greet.
By Andrew Soucek

WWE Raw: 10 Things You Might Have Missed (June 27)

Was Cesaro hinting towards Raw draft pick?
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Worst Reasons Wrestling Feuds Started

They are fighting over shampoo!
By Jamie Kennedy

10 Most Disappointing WWE Matches Of 2016 (So Far)

Can we tell Lesnar the suplex stuff is getting boring now (not me, he'd eat my face)?
By Michael Sidgwick

Updates On General Managers In WWE Brand Split

Those running the show are getting a corporate title makeover.
By John Bills

10 Great Matches From WWE Vengeance PPVs

A surprisingly large amount of scorchers over these seven supercards. Time to bring it back?
By Lewis Howse

Sami Zayn Vs. Kevin Owens Official For WWE Battleground 2016

They really are destined to do this forever.
By John Bills

10 Big Talking Points From WWE Raw (June 27)

How was Raw Without Roman?
By Scott Fried

8 WWE Title Reigns That Were Completely Wasted

What use is a championship if nothing is done with it? No use.
By John Bills

Cody Rhodes Announced For 2016 PWG Battle Of Los Angeles

The former Stardust continues to tick things off of 'The List'.
By John Bills

8 Ups and 7 Downs From WWE Raw (June 27)

OK, who saw that coming?
By Scott Carlson

10 Awesome Moments From WCPW Loaded Episode 1

The first episode ended very badly for General Manager Pacitti...
By WhatCulture

Meet WWE's New Announcer

Former web show host joins the WWE.
By Andrew Soucek

Upcoming Brock Lesnar DVD/Blu-Ray Feature To Include Rare Match

Will this new Brock doc be Perfect?
By Andrew Soucek

10 WWE Stars Who Must Be Split Up In Draft 2016

Time for the brand split to break up some bad relationships.
By Andrew Soucek

Ranking 10 Most Likely Candidates To Win Their First WWE World Title

After Ambrose, who is next in line to win their first?
By John Bills