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7 Reasons You Must Watch Starrcast II

Celebrating wrestling's history worldwide while making it in Las Vegas...
By Jamie Kennedy

8 WWE NXT UK Stars Who Could Eventually Thrive On WWE's Main Roster

Assuming WWE doesn't butcher them creatively, of course.
By Graham Matthews

Bayley Officially Recognised As WWE's First Women's Triple Crown Champion

Another major milestone for the new SmackDown Women's Champion.
By Dalton C. Wickett

Who Was REALLY Responsible For WWE's New 24/7 Championship

This news might, at least, rid us all of a certain chant...
By Michael Sidgwick

Braun Strowman Claims He Wants To Retire The Undertaker

'The Monster Among Men' reveals all in new interview.
By Andrew Murray

Bray Wyatt Requests New WWE Theme Song From Slipknot

Is this the end of of 'Live In Fear'?
By Andrew Murray

The Weird Reason Aleister Black Isn’t Going To Saudi Arabia

Equivalent to or perhaps exceeds the last ridiculous news story you read.
By Michael Sidgwick

Daniel Bryan & Aleister Black OUT Of WWE Super Showdown 2019

The list of wrestlers refusing to go to Saudi Arabia grows.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Roster Unhappy With The Wild Card Rule?

WWE's year of backstage discontent continues with this new report.
By Andrew Murray

Ruby Riott To Miss Several Months With WWE Injury

Bad news for the former Riott Squad member.
By Andrew Murray

Details On How The First AEW Champion Will Be Crowned

Double Or Nothing will be pivotal in determining AEW's first champion.
By Andrew Murray

WWE Respond To Ashley Massaro Abuse Allegations

The 39-year-old's posthumous affidavit brought several shocking revelations.
By Andrew Murray

10 Early Internet Wrestling Outrages

By Michael Sidgwick

10 WWE Wrestlers Who Lived Their Gimmicks

Kayfabe is dead, but don't tell these guys.
By Andrew Murray

Trying To Make Sense Of WWE’s BIZARRE Booking Right Now

Consider this your Super Helpful Guide To WWE As A New Fan!
By Michael Sidgwick

WWE 2K20: 10 Playable Wrestlers Who WON'T Return

Cutting the 'Lunatic Fringe' for the first time since 2K14...
By Jamie Kennedy

Daniel Bryan Latest WWE Superstar To Turn Down Saudi Arabia Return

Bryan set to miss out Middle East trip once more.
By Benjamin Richardson

15 Things You Probably Missed From WWE SmackDown (May 21)

Becky's mom has got it goin' on...
By Jamie Kennedy

10 WWE Matches That Were Spoiled Before They Happened

Never in doubt...
By Michael Hamflett

WWE Quiz: The Ultimate Mickie James Quiz! User quiz

How much do you remember about the WWE & TNA Legend?
By Peyton Thomas

AEW Want Jon Moxley, Ex-WWE Star Currently Filming Movie

Moxley would be the perfect replacement for Pac this Saturday.
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Ups & 5 Downs From Last Night's WWE SmackDown (May 21)

Big E & Dolph Ziggler return, Kingston battles Zayn, and Shane crushes Reigns.
By Andrew Murray

AJ Styles Has "Signed His Last Contract"

What next for the Phenomenal One?
By Adam Wilbourn

10 Most INFURIATING Wrestling Narratives

The 1-2-3 Kid was the best. The best.
By Michael Sidgwick

WWE's Carmella Calls Mandy Rose Unsafe, Deletes Tweet

"Go back to NXT and learn how to be safe in the ring."
By Benjamin Richardson

Dolph Ziggler Returns & Attacks WWE Champion Kofi Kingston

The Showoff is gunning for the title.
By Adam Wilbourn

Kevin Owens Tells WWE He Doesn't Want To Return To Saudi Arabia

KO is latest star set to snub show.
By Benjamin Richardson

Shawn 'Tye Dillinger' Spears Set For Double Or Nothing Casino Battle Royal

'Perfect 10' draws place on pre-show.
By Benjamin Richardson

9 Ugliest Belts In WWE History

The 24/7 strap isn't the first time WWE have dropped their trousers when it comes to belt design.…
By Benjamin Richardson

10 Things We Learned From WWE 24: Becky Lynch

The family 'Man'.
By Jamie Kennedy