10 Absolute Best Matches WWE Could Present In 2017

9. AJ Styles Vs. Sami Zayn


It is impossible to envisage either AJ Styles or Sami Zayn turning face in 2017.

Styles commands far too much respect to turn heel again in the foreseeable future, as acknowledged on the post-'Mania SmackDown. Zayn meanwhile is a career babyface, withstanding intentionally unflattering booking on RAW to maintain his status as a sentimental crowd favourite.

A match that has the potential to reach the ***** level if presented as something major can only realistically exist, at most, as a typical back and forth TV affair in the current climate. But afforded the chance to become something special - perhaps a number one contender's match, promoted in advance - Styles and Zayn could transcend the face versus face norm, or at least live up to the very best iterations of it.

Their urgent and thrilling match on the 11 April 2016 RAW, crammed full of stunning counters, was excellent as far as throwaway TV matches go. Their sequences in last week's number one contender's Triple Threat match were even better - so good that one longed for something, erm, longer. The finite combinations of matches means we'll see it sooner rather than later - and for once, it's the sort of pairing which should be given away for free on TV.

No future rematch is spoiling under the current dynamic.


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