10 ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE Moments From NJPW Dominion 6.9

10. The Juice Is Loose


United States Champion Jay White was given the rub of a lifetime defeating Kenny Omega at February 2018's New Beginning In Sapporo a month removed from running then-Intercontinental Champion Hiroshi Tanahashi close at Wrestle Kingdom 12, but the 'Switchblade' had yet to find a match or rival that justified his rapid-fire ascent through the ranks in NJPW before the beginnings of burgeoning tension with Juice Robinson.

The former 'CJ Parker' has been a revelation since travelling East from the doldrums of WWE's creative disinterest, translating a strong showing into last year's G1 Climax into a steady charge through the company's midcard over the past several months.

Their colliding conflict was the beating heart of the lower-card tag clashing pitting Robinson and David Finlay against White and Yoshi-Hashi. Along with his early catcalls ("Eat sh*t, motherf*cker!"), Juice was relentless in his attacks on the Champion, scoring the eventual victory with his Pulp Friction finisher. Parading around the ring with White's belt after the fact, Juice exuded confidence over the fallen titleholder, their impending match since confirmed for 7 July's G1 Special in San Francisco.


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