10 Alleged WWE Sex Scandals That Rocked Wrestling

Superstars caught with their trousers down...allegedly.


WWE Superstars, on the whole, have gone through quite a drastic maturation process over the last 20 years. Gone are the days where sex, drugs, and rock and roll were the primary vice of these larger than life people; nowadays, bonafide role models for young and old the world over ply their trade in the company's ring.

The party lifestyle that has claimed the careers of so many of our favourites has been replaced by a far more tame - is that the right word to use considering the Superstars' outrageous schedules? - outlook to life on the road. The bottle of Jack Daniels has been replaced by portable games consoles, while the supply of drugs has been replaced by an active social media presence. There's just more to do for current day superheroes in spandex during their downtime to keep them away from the naughty stuff. That's fantastic news for all of us.

However, while the numbers of misdemeanours involving WWE employees is seemingly dwindling as a result of this shift in mentality, that doesn't mean they're gone from the business for good.

Sex scandals in wrestling are nothing new, so let's take a look at 10 alleged incidents that have rocked the WWE Universe in the past.

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