10 Alternative Happy Endings To Universally Hated Wrestling Storylines

The Director's Cut.


Imagine a world in which the dominant market share enjoyed by WWE was challenged. Even slightly.

It's difficult to conceive that the current landscape, in which McMahon family drama takes precedent over the minor tribulations of the roster 17 years after it reached its nadir, would remain in vogue. If a company of New Japan's critical success had the money and nous to challenge it, WWE might have to listen to its fanbase - instead of triggering them into fury, promising change, and failing to deliver over and over and over again. Instead, New Japan is unable to reconfigure its streaming service for western audiences, and unwilling to deviate from tradition or strategy to truly maximise the immense potential of Wrestle Kingdom 12.

Not that it really matters; WWE has reigned supreme for so long that the coffers alone condemn us all to a WWE made by WWE made for WWE. The worst of it is that WWE itself had a golden opportunity to create competition for itself - and p*ssed it away with a spiteful, ego-driven golden shower...

But we can, erm, but dream.


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