10 Awesome Matches WWE Must Book By The End Of 2017

Maximising their stacked roster could be key to saving WWE's stalling year.

Finn Balor Vs Brock Lesnar WWE Universal Championship Match

WWE find themselves faced with a multitude of problems in 2017, but the company's roster has rarely been so talent rich. Each brand is stacked with outstanding competitors from top to bottom, and while WWE's in-ring restrictions place limitations on what they can do between the ropes, succeeding within the framework is far from impossible.

Much of this depends on booking, and the company's shoddy creative direction doesn't always put the performers in a great place to succeed in the ring, especially during the ongoing summer slump. Still, the vast array of talent available makes memorable bouts almost inevitable, and although 2017 hasn't been as productive as 2016 in that regard, the likes of AJ Styles have had great bouts all year.

WWE will never be a promotion that gets by on in-ring quality alone, but few things get viewers buzzing like a marquee match. There are literally dozens of great options at the table, and if the company are to shake-off the apathy currently plaguing their product, delivering consistent in-ring excellence is a must.

They have all the pieces required to ensure the rest of the year is full of great action, it's just a matter of putting them in the right places...


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