10 Awesome One-Time WWE Champions

Once was enough.


Most of the biggest names in WWE history have held the company's top prize on more than one occasion. Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin, for example, both wore the world title six times; a reflection of just how dominant they were in their respective eras.

In more recent times, the needle has moved dramatically. Now, the franchise player, John Cena, has clocked up a 'record-equalling' 16 world title reigns, with at least one more guaranteed to follow before he hangs up his boots. If you don't get at least two bites of the cherry in this hot potato age, you can count your career a massive failure.

Except, actually, that attitude is kind of silly. Even though many of the leading stars have won the strap multiple times, there are several other household names worthy of a place in the Hall of Fame who - for one reason or another - only managed to pick up the one.

It doesn't make them any less deserving of our respect. In fact, it arguably makes the occasions on which they did occupy the spot of top dog all the more special. Who among us can possibly recall all of Edge's title wins?

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