10 Awesome Real Wrestler Names That Are Better Than Their Ring Names

10. Thaddeus Bullard Sr. & Fred Rosser III


'Titus O'Neill' isn't such a terrible name, but 'Darren Young' really is as bland as it gets.

'Darren Young' could be a low-level darts player, a discarded League Two utility player who will get snapped up by another club and spend yet another season on the bench. 'Titus O'Neill' sounds like an overly-macho American Football player, which is somewhat accurate in truth.

The duo have made a name for themselves in WWE as the Prime Time Players, so it is rather coincidental that together their real names sound like they would have made an excellent pompous tag team in any era. They were born Thaddeus Bullard Sr. and Frederick Rosser III, and if you can't imagine them pompously walking down the aisle being led by The Genius or Jim Cornette, then I don't know what do with you.

In fact, it if quite difficult to say either name without putting on a slightly arrogant accent. Titus and Darren have done well for themselves, but Thaddeus Bullard Sr. and Fred Rosser III could have been something truly special.

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