10 Awesome War Games Matches You Must Revisit

A deep dive through wrestling's most celebrated stipulation.


It's official: WarGames is back.

NXT General Manager William Regal made the announcement during last night's TV tapings, with the iconic WCW match stipulation set to return on November 18th, when Sanity, The Undisputed Era, and the Roderick Strong/Authors Of Pain combination face-off in a three-team, nine-man bout.

Fans have been pining for WarGames' return since WWE acquired WCW in 2001. Devised by Dusty Rhodes in 1987, the gimmick sees two rings placed side by side, with both enclosed by a giant steel cage. Entrants are staggered at two-minute intervals, but the bout can't be finished until every participant has joined the fray.

Dubbed 'The Match Beyond,' this period continues until somebody has submitted, surrendered, or been rendered unconscious. Pinfalls, count-outs, and disqualifications are all ineligible, which has led to some brutally violent encounters over the decades, particular in the early years.

It'll likely be many WWE fans' first exposure to the stipulation, but there's no better way to familiarise yourself with the gimmick than by exploring the best it has to offer, including WarGames' many spin-offs. The stipulation isn't perfect, but it has spawned plenty of classics over the years, many of which still stand out today...

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