10 Awesome Wrestling Matches From 2017 (That You've Already Forgotten About)

4.5 stars in a 6.25 star age.


There is so much good wrestling in 2017. So much.

This year's G1 Climax tournament has shattered already sky-high expectations. Kenny Omega has consistently delivered to his own ludicrous standard. Ditto Tetsuya Naito. Minoru Suzuki has reprised his role as wrestling's Benjamin Button. Hiroshi Tanahashi continues to do with one arm what so many cannot do with two. Zack Sabre, Jr. is turning heads. Kota Ibushi has turned his f*ck-giving switch to ON, reminding everybody of just how phenomenal he is. Yuji Nagata, at a battered 49 years of age, is wrestling with an irresistible blend of fire and desperation with his best work in an age.

Kazuchika Okada, meanwhile, having already amassed a collection of cast iron classics in a legendary fourth IWGP Heavyweight Title reign, proved himself impervious to the rank comedic stylings of Toru Yano. Their tournament match was impossibly dramatic. This was the greatest wrestler on the planet versus a comedy act years past his punchline. And it was stupidly good. Every near fall was so unthinkable that dread begat nervous excitement begat genuine holy-sh*t-this-might-actually-happen heat.

There is so much blinding wrestling in 2017, even in the last fortnight - so much that wrestling publications and websites may need to create a new year end awards category just to capture the minor classics. These are the leading contenders for Best Matches Of Any Other Year...


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