10 Awful WWE Backstage Hazing Stories

10. Mark Henry’s Rough Introduction


It’s perhaps surprising that Mark Henry, a man who could probably snap any wrestler like a twig if he felt like it, was subjected to backstage hazing after joining WWE, but his tales of woe show nobody is safe. Fresh off competing at the 1996 Summer Olympics, Henry signed a huge ten-year contract with the company, and immediately found himself the victim of unpleasant behaviour.

Though Henry has since admitted that he was a little too sensitive when he entered the business, he stated on an episode of Talk is Jericho that certain individuals went out of their way to give him a hard time shortly after he'd joined WWE. One such wrestler was JBL, who took great pleasure out of ribbing Henry, and often pulled pranks like throwing his wrestling gear into a running shower, forcing Mark to compete in drenched attire.

Henry accepted this as part of his wrestling education, and has since called Bradshaw one of the men he respects most in the business. Still, it makes you wonder how many young hopefuls have had their confidence crushed by such behaviour, but have never spoken out about it.

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