10 Backstage WWE Feuds That Changed Everything

The most heated rivalries of all...


There are a lot of combustible elements in pro wrestling. Not only do larger-than-life stars compete on live TV in a display every bit as showy as a peacock mating ritual, but they also spend more time traveling together on the road than they do at home with their families.

That lifestyle is a recipe for some very close friendships - and some very bitter animosity. There is no shortage of stars who developed hard feelings toward one another, and the results are often catastrophic. Sometimes the angry parties end up trading some legitimate blows, and sometimes they don't, but as fans, we've all heard stories of the effects that some of these feuds have had on the participants and the wrestling business. This list attempts to look at some of the most significant examples of real hatred that have erupted in pro wrestling.

Just a note, before we start: there are hundreds of real-life feuds that have developed in the crazy world of pro wrestling, but for the purposes of this list, entries are restricted to only those feuds that actually ended up having an on-screen effect - the ones that really shook up the sport.


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