10 Best & 10 Worst Dressed WWE Superstars Of 2018

Style Over Substance.


Vince McMahon might hate a number of the millennial performers he instructed Ronda Rousey to shoot on earlier this year, but there are some positives to so many of his current crop of wrestlers growing up as loyal fans themselves.

Though not given storyline reasons to always give a sh*t about their opponents, the wrestlers nonetheless do care about things they can control. And as long as WWE refuse to foot the clothing bill, the Superstars have the right to wear whatever they want.

Colour schemes and clothes with meaning attached are becoming regular highlights of the major pay-per-views. Mirroring the stars that used to dress to impress on grand stages, today's crop of wrestlers understand the value of making an impression with their gear. Even Randy Orton - the man that once chose major pay-per-view gear in 2012 with all the urgency of...a 2012 Randy Orton match - added some shimmer and shine to his well-worn look in 2018.

'The Viper' hasn't quite made this list outta nowhere, but it highlights how valuable a little change-up can be, even for the most protected entities in the organisation. Few have his job security and have thus sartorially swung for the fences...


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