10 Best "Passing Of The Torch" Matches In WWE History

When age, injuries, and politics take a toll, it's time for a changing of the guard.


There's no escaping Father Time, particularly in a business as taxing as professional wrestling. There comes a point in every performer's career where the business starts passing them by, and they can't keep up anymore. It can be tough to let go of the spotlight, but it's a reality that every wrestler must eventually face-up to, and it's only right that they sign off on the transition of power by giving their successor the rub.

Sometimes, a single match against a celebrated veteran opponent is all it takes to secure an up and coming wrestler's position at the top of the mountain. Not everyone succeeds when passed the torch, but these matches are specifically designed to take the beneficiary to the next level. That's exactly what happened in the moments found within, with one wrestler propelled to further greatness, and another gracefully slipping down the ladder.

WWE have staged dozens of these matches as they transition from era to era, but they haven't all worked-out. The Rock vs. John Cena II stands as perfect example of a torch-passing match that fell flat, but when the stars align perfectly, the story of one wrestler assuming another's mantle can take a good match to the next level.


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