10 Best Current WWE Finishers

The Curb Stomp is back - but is it the best?


To a lot of observers, the group of men and women currently employed by WWE collectively represent the most gifted and diverse roster the company has ever assembled.

It follows from this that today's WWE should also boast a spectacular collection of finishers; the sort of wrestling moves that make you rise from your seat in anticipation and then stand there looking dumbfounded once they come off.

The above claim must be tempered, however, with the acknowledgement that, while the current crop of wrestlers are undeniably capable of jaw-dropping moves, it doesn't mean they always have the licence to do them. Some of the more daring manoeuvres are off limits, and perhaps with good reason.

At least, that's what we all thought. This week on Raw, Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp - ostensibly banned because of fears that it was simply too violent for what is a PG product - made a surprise return to our screens, renamed the Blackout, after a couple of years away. It turns out maybe Vince McMahon isn't trying to rain on our parade after all.

It also means that the Architect has his mojo back, and we have yet another great move to add to the collection...

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