10 Best Internet Reactions To Last Night's WWE Raw (May 14)

9. The Same Damn Roman Promo Every Week

While Reigns made his way to the ring, I was wondering what the Big Dog would vent about this week. I don't know why I bothered using my energy, because Roman's promo consisted of nothing more than him ranting about how he was "robbed" yet again.

In other words: the promo was exactly the same as what he said backstage last week. It's getting laughable now, especially considering that Reigns has literally been handed everything.

Roman went on about how Jinder Mahal was the one who robbed him this time. So, he challenged Jinder, but Kurt Angle came out to the ring instead. Angle told Reigns that he has to let it go, because he's not getting another chance at Money In The Bank. The audience went wild once again. Reigns' push is continuing to backfire.

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