10 Best Kept Secrets In Wrestling Today

Great wrestling is EVERYWHERE, but these hidden gems keep flying under the radar.


Buddy Murphy is f*cking great.

Becky Lynch aside, no WWE wrestler has done more to grab the brass ring in 2018. The Australian's outstanding work ethic has resulted in major all-round improvement, and he's now lightyears above the performer that cut his teeth teaming with Wesley Blake in NXT. He looked like a prime candidate for release at the start of the year, but Buddy's now among WWE's most consistent wrestlers, with Super Show-Down and Survivor Series both bringing his outstanding TV form to the big stage.

His 'Best Kept Secret' nickname used to be one of wrestling's most appropriate. Now, everybody knows Murphy's one of the best in the company, making it impossible to mention his name among the sport's biggest hidden gems, as neglected as 205 Live is.

Modern wrestling is so impossibly vast that countless great wrestlers, promotions, matches, and in some cases, entire scenes don't get the attention they deserve. It's time to shine a light on them. Though their obscurity level varies, each of the entries within should absolutely be on the radar of anyone who considers themselves ahead of the curve, even if some are a long way from peaking...


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