10 Best Matches From WWE ECW

WWE's ECW was pretty awful, but there are a few matches worth revisiting.

Kurt Angle ECW One Night Stand 2006

Sigh. Oh, what could have been...

WWE's version of ECW had a lot of promise at the start. Hot off the heels of another spectacular addition of ECW One Night Stand, the debut of the ECW brand as its own entity in 2006 had fans genuinely excited for the extreme revival. Sadly, what we got instead was zombies, vampires and one of the worst PPVs of the 21st century.

While both versions of the original ECW One Night Stand format were beyond awesome, the product that followed was simply not what was advertised. The label read "ECW" but the product reeked of WWE...and not even good WWE at that. It was the wrestling equivalent of ordering an English dish from an Indian restaurant; the presentation seemed familiar, but the taste just wasn't the same.

Within weeks, it was clear to see that the ECW presented by WWE was lightyears away from the ECW of old. The gritty presentation, the bloody violence and overall anarchic vibe just wasn't there. However, there were sprinkles of brilliance amongst the sludge of C-show filler.

Several superstars in particular went out of their way to deliver the extreme content that the marquee advertised - and the results made for some truly great matches on an otherwise awful show.


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