10 Best Moments From WWE’s Worst Performers

Believe it or not, R-Truth was once a top heel.

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When even the best are having a tough time with the material WWE's creative team dish out, what chance do those struggling on the undercard have? It cannot be easy to watch others receive opportunity after opportunity when all those pesky writers have in mind for you is another job on C-level programming like Main Event.

That's just an example, but it's fitting for most of the performers featured here.

They're not necessarily the "worst" in WWE currently because of their own failings, although most do have to take at least some of the blame for their plight. No, they're more often victims of a creative team instructed to focus on the top-tier workers rather than spreading their wealth of ideas equally; not everybody can shine all the time, it seems.

Thank God then for those brief, oh-so-brief, moments of brilliance that these performers can look back on with a jovial smile. It wasn't always endless gimmicks that went nowhere, matches that now play before crowd silence or countless squash losses, you know.

Even today's worst have shown their best...

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