10 Best Moments From WWE’s Worst Performers

9. Bayley's Iron Woman Glory

Bayley Sasha Banks NXT TakeOver Respect

OK, so under normal circumstances Bayley would never be on any list detailing the worst in WWE. 2018 hasn't exactly been 'normal' for the huggable babyface though. Her gimmick has tanked, WWE creative have lost interest and her ongoing storyline with Sasha Banks is about as pulsating as watching Dulux dry.

It'd take thousands of words to pick apart what went wrong with Bayley's once-promising main roster career, so focusing on the good old days seems wise. Back in October 2015, a full year before Charlotte Flair and the "Legit Boss" were doing it on Raw, Bayley and Sasha Banks were making women's wrestling history in WWE.

At NXT TakeOver: Respect, it was they who worked the first ever 30-minute Iron Woman match.

Bayley picked up the popular win and cemented her status as the premier face of the division. Oh how things change, and not for the better. Three years on, Bayley is desperately striving to reach this level again and shed the stench of a rotten time on the main roster.

She's only one of the "worst" because of poor booking, for the record.

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