10 Best NJPW Wrestlers In WWE

From 'King Of Sports' to Sports Entertainment.


New Japan Pro Wrestling may not be the biggest promotion on the planet, but they're definitely the coolest.

Their incredible in-ring output and big stage presentation have captured the imaginations of thousands of fans around the world. A wrestling-centric island away from WWE's contrived sports entertainment trappings, they provide a real alternative to the mainstream, and with business booming following Wrestle Kingdom 12, their rise is unstoppable.

Unfortunately, this success makes their multi-talented roster ripe for the picking. Vince McMahon has been swooping in to snatch NJPW's biggest and brightest for years. This has accelerated in the modern area, with WWE now looking to Japan to bolster their own ranks more than ever, but the practice is far from new.

Some have bombed ('sup, Yoshi Tatsu?) while others have soared, but who has been the most successful? Let's take a look.

In order to be included, wrestlers must have worked for NJPW before WWE, and must've either been considered a "New Japan guy" prior to moving west, or won a tournament/title in the 'King Of Sports' universe. This means no Hogan, Bret, or Andre, but it's an excellent group regardless...

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