10 Best Retirement Matches In WWE History

Saying "goodbye" is never easy, but a great match definitely softens the blow.

Cactus Jack Triple H No Way Out 2000 Hell in a Cell

Professional wrestling can be a cruel business. While the likes of The Undertaker and NJPW's Jushin Thunder Liger show it's possible to maintain a career beyond the age of 50 with the right schedule, they're very much in the minority. The sport's gruelling schedule, politics, and heavy physical toll forces many wrestlers out before they're ready to retire. Saying "goodbye" can be incredibly difficult.

As a result, many wrestlers find it tough to stay retired. The likes of Mick Foley, Steve Austin, and Ric Flair have all made full-time in-ring returns after initially stepping away from the sport, proving that while these wrestlers may be over the hill, getting over the thrill is a different matter entirely.

Regardless of the circumstances, most wrestlers want to retire on their own terms, and this typically takes the form of a big-time retirement match. WWE often give loyal employees the opportunity to end their career with one final show-stopping performance, and while the stipulation doesn't always mean "the end," it can be a valuable storytelling tool regardless.

Nothing stirs the emotions like watching one of your favourite wrestlers compete for the very last time, regardless of whether the outcome sticks or not - and with the news that Roman Reigns intends to retire the Undertaker at WrestleMania 33, the Big Dogs have some lofty heights to reach.


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