10 Best Shane McMahon Matches

The greatest ever non-wrestler wrestler.


Shane McMahon is perhaps the greatest non-wrestler wrestler in wrestling history, so much so that it's almost tempting to refer to him as an actual wrestler.

But he's really not. He's spent an equal part of his time with the company in the roles of referee, general manager, commissioner and, briefly, Alliance leader. He's also a businessman in his own right, outside the WWE umbrella.

He's never wrestled a full-time house-show-and-all schedule, and it's therefore pretty astounding that he has managed to have at least two or three genuine match of the year candidates when he has stepped between the ropes.

Sure, he isn't a brilliant technician, neither a great brawler since his punches - as evidenced by his Raw attack on Randy Orton in 2009 - are often laughably unconvincing, but he does have an unrivaled penchant for the truly spectacular.

If the outcomes of his matches are seldom surprising - the man boasts one of the worst win ratios in WWE history - there is nothing predictable about his death-defying set pieces.

And, after the events of last week, a match with Kevin Owens is now looking like an exciting prospect.