10 Best Stables In Wrestling Right Now

"Bullet Club are fine," Cody says, but do they still "rule the wrestling world?"


Stables have been a huge part of professional wrestling's DNA for decades.

With The Four Horsemen first creating the mould back in 1985 and groups like the New World Order and D-Generation X breaking it a decade later, these alliances have provided the foundations for many of the sport's greatest memories, storylines, and moments.

While not as central to mainstream wrestling organisations as they used to be, stables still have a place. Japanese promotions are dominated by such factions, and WWE bring their fair share to the table as well, though they aren't always pushed to the forefront. The argument that booking great stables is a dying art isn't entirely without merit, but anything more than a cursory glance at the global scene exposes it as a gross exaggeration.

There are a few notable exclusions. Bálor Club may or may not be a thing anymore. Titus Worldwide are, well, Titus Worldwide. Dragon Gate's MaxiMuM are tremendous, but obscure. The Riott Squad? Ineffective. The Elite? Dead.

This leaves us with a shallower pool to draw from, but fantastic stables still play pivotal roles in almost every major wrestling promotion, with these groups leading the charge...

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