10 Best Things Happening In Wrestling Right Now

WWE, New Japan, Dragon Gate, and everything in between!


Here at WhatCulture we often get accused of being far too negative when it comes to wrestling.

It's an affliction which seems to be industry-wide, although in fairness WWE doesn't exactly help itself at times. Despite having five hours of television a week to promote it's main roster talent, alongside all their social media avenues and the WWE Network, the company regularly misses the mark or simply underwhelms it's fanbase.

There are those in this world who prefer to rant and rave about the business regardless of whether they've just seen an absolute botchfest or a genuine ***** classic, that is not our objective. Perhaps it's because we know what some are capable of - we're not angry, we're just disappointed.

Nevertheless, there are many things to be positive about when it comes to wrestling in 2018; from the inaugural all-women WWE pay-per-view to Zack Sabre Jr.'s general existence. Overall, the industry is in rude health too; British wrestling has had an incredible resurgence over the last few years and independent promotions like PWG and our very own Defiant Wrestling have never had it so good.

So let's go all Simon Miller and actually talk up the things that make being a wrestling fan so good right now...


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