10 Best Thrown Together WWE Tag Teams

You're a tag team now.


When it comes to tag teams, almost all sections of the wrestling community agree that the team part is pretty important.

In other words, the very best two-pieces in the industry's history have generally been comprised of wrestlers who share one or preferably four or five mutual characteristics. A matching attire is a good place to start, but move-sets and even personalities are good too.

That said, we can't always be so lucky. Several of WWE's tag teams over recent years - including its current champions over on Monday Night Raw - have instead been made up of two singles competitors who were one day randomly thrown together because they had nothing better to do.

Whenever this happens, you are bound to hear one or two complaints about how it makes a mockery of the entire division, and perhaps there's truth in that. But sometimes - in cases where the random duo in question with time begin to resemble a genuine tag team - those traditionalists are left eating their words.

Here are 10 thrown together duos who were, all things considered, actually pretty good.

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