10 Best Unscripted Moments In WWE History

Screwjobs, shoots and Curtain Calls...

Almost every single word that is spoken in a WWE ring is scripted. Most of the time, our favourite superstars are forced to learn a monologue put together by Vince McMahon's minions in those fabled creative teams in the hours before a RAW or SmackDown taping. These scripts have been leaked time and time again in recent years, and have gone to show how strict Vince McMahon is when it comes to what makes the air during a televised event. After all, he does have a catalogue of sponsors he needs to keep on side... There are many members of professional wrestling's old school that believe these scripts are detrimental to the product we see each week. Back in their day, they would have been given a couple of bullet points they would have been required to touch on, but that was it. This, obviously, made for a much more organic product that not only ensured the viewer didn't know what was coming next, but also kept the talent themselves on their toes. Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of many former pros who have openly supported the return of unscripted promos and the like, but it's hard to see McMahon allowing them to come back with all the relationships he needs to keep sweet. Sometimes WWE's performers make the conscious decision to go off script, while on other occasions the decision is taken out of their hands and they are forced to improvised. Here are the 10 best examples of this happening in a WWE ring.

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