10 Best WCW Moments Ever

Monday Nitro completely changed the 1990's...


Anyone who has been a fan of pro wrestling for the past 20 years will have heard the same old stories. World Championship Wrestling was a laughing stock towards the end, seemingly unable to present anything that would make money.

Things weren't always like that. WCW deserves to be remembered for the good times too.

There were many positive moments; it's a testament to how important WCW was that people are still talking about it close to 16 years after extinction. To put things into perspective, WCW has been gone longer than the promotion (born out of the NWA in 1988) existed.

In the 12 and a half years WCW was around, the promotion provided incredible title wins, magical debuts, thrilling returns - and was the only company to threaten Vince McMahon's iron grip on the North American market. That should never be forgotten. 'Dubya-C-Dubya' had so much to offer.

These are the best moments in WCW history; those landmark occasions that really captured what the organisation was all about.

Let's ignore the bad, and focus on what was achieved in Atlanta...


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