10 Best Worked Shoots In WWE History

Home truths, low blows, and pipe bombs from some WWE's straightest shooters.


When John Cena and Roman Reigns stood across the ring from each other on 28 August 2017, it's fair to say that the wrestling world was caught off guard by the fiery venom that followed.

With both men happy to trade barbs the likes of which are rarely seen on WWE TV, the blurred lines between fact and fiction made for enthralling viewing. Welcome to the world of the worked shoot promo.

Not entirely real yet not entirely false, worked shoots are the grey area in between, comprising just enough of each to progress the chosen angle while appearing to be stepping over the line. The personal comments that litter these promos are the magic that makes us believe, even in an era where kayfabe has long since perished.

While these sorts of promos can't be done every single week, the sporadic placement of a worked shoot promo, or even just the inclusion of the odd shoot remark, can make a rivalry seem real and add an inherent level of animosity between two foes like nothing else.

Tape up your fists, people. The gloves are off.

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