10 Best Wrestlers Under 30 In The World Today

A spotlight on those carry the torch for wrestling's bright future.

Sasha Banks

Most professional athletes peak by the age of 30. There are exceptions, but generally speaking, that's the stage in which their physical capabilities start dwindling, and they're gradually overtaken by younger, more athletic peers. There's no escaping the passage of time, and for most sportsmen, maintaining high-levels career beyond their mid-thirties is incredibly difficult.

Wrestling is a little different. While the sport definitely places a huge strain on the performer's bodies, wrestlers don't usually peak until they're well beyond the big 3-0, when their improving psychological attributes catch up with their declining physicality.

It's the reason that guys like Brock Lesnar and AJ Styles are still considered among the best in the world at 40, but while the bulk of wrestling's top stars are 30+, the sport is never short of exciting young talent to eventually rise up and take their spots.

The sport of professional wrestling is absolutely crammed with prodigies at the moment. These men and women will not only be expected to carry their respective companies over the next decade or so, but improve upon the standards set by their predecessors. Here they are, then: ranked not only by in-ring ability, but every aspect of their performances.

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