10 Best Wrestling Dives

Mr. Orton, would you kindly look away?

Shane McMahon WrestleMania 33

Having engulfed wrestling over the past few days, the "dive" debate isn't ending anytime soon. It started with a tweet by former OVW trainer Rip Rogers criticising independent wrestling for becoming too repetitive and flashy, drawing an immediate backlash from some of the indy scene's brightest stars.

Randy Orton (one of Rogers' old developmental students) responded with a snarky tweet of his own, before "apologising" for the backlash with a blunt assault on flips, dives, and "indy marks." This has naturally led to widespread debate across social media, with Will Ospreay going so far as turning Orton's initial Tweet into a t-shirt.

It's an unwinnable argument, because while wanting to reduce the physical toll wrestlers take on their bodies is a noble cause, neither side has the right to tell the other what to do. There's no denying that dives have become a huge part of the sport however, and as wrestling continues to evolve, wrestlers will find new ways to push their bodies to the limits in the name of entertainment.

Leaping from ladders, cages, and other structures provided some of wrestling's most memorable spots. The dangers are very real, but when perfectly executed, it's hard to beat the exhilaration of a death-defying dive...


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