10 Best Wrestling Documentaries Ever

Note to self: don't ask if wrestling is fake.


Like all devoted fans, die-hard wrestling viewers derive as much pleasure watching people talk and reminisce about wrestling as they do watching wrestling itself.

The behind-the-scenes wrestling documentary has been around for a couple of decades now - at least since the mid-1990s, anyway, when the WWE's very public steroid scandal turned over a few rocks under which weren't supposed to see.

It wasn't long until Vince McMahon, awake to new the possibility of new revenue streams, started to get in on the act himself, and his company began releasing a string of highly-acclaimed documentary DVDs in the early-to-mid 2000s.

These days, with the WWE Network fully up and running, WWE produces so many documentaries that today's generation of fans is positively spoiled for choice.

And what's more, these documentaries are - in most cases - a lot more candid and revealing than you might expect, only occasionally rewriting wrestling history in a way that sweeps all their sins underneath the rug. But hey: history is written by the victors after all.

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