10 Best Wrestling Giants

In this case, bigger is absolutely better. Unless you're Giant Gonzalez, that is.


WWE has long been known as the Land of the Giants, and rightly so.

When larger than life characters patrol the squared circle, you can't help but want to see them in action. Sometimes, these colossal men are decimating the competition; other times, they're challenging fired-up babyfaces to bring every bit of ammunition they've got in order to make a name for themselves as a giant slayer.

Dozens of wrestlers over the last century have branded themselves as giants, and many of them were visually impressive, towering over opponents or outweighing them by seemingly impossible margins.

But only a handful lived up to the hype, etching their names into professional wrestling history as incredible, awe-inspiring spectacles.

After all, it takes more than being tall to truly be a giant. Being enormous might get you through the door -- after you crouch down quite a bit and squeeze through, of course -- but you also need to prove yourself in the ring.

Giant Gonzalez and Giant Silva were certainly great giants. But they were not very good wrestlers.

To make this list, you need size and skills. And these ten men of brobdingnagian proportions and legendary appetites... they didn't just break the mold. They ground it into powder with a single step.

These are the ten best to ever carry the name "Giant."

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