10 Best Wrestling Matches Of 2015 (So Far)

10. EC III vs. Rockstar Spud (TNA Impact Wrestling - March 13)

It's perhaps surprising that this is the only TNA match featured on the list, because whilst the company hasn't exactly been firing on all cylinders in 2015, there have been some pretty enjoyable bouts. Sadly, the entire promotion is just coming across as really small and uninspiring, which made the task set before both Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud all the more daunting this past March. The story leading up to this 'Hair vs. Hair' collision had been fairly drawn out, but still pretty simple, something crucial to ensuring that fan interest remained throughout. In short, EC3 and Spud had previously been pals, but Carter started to abuse the friendship, slowly but surely turning the diminutive Spud into a sympathetic, underdog babyface. In this match on Impact Wrestling, there was blood, drama and a whole load of support for the Brit, who would eventually come up short and have his head shaved. The story was critical here, and helped elevate this TV match above average and make it one of the most dramatic, exciting brawls of 2015, and a definite highlight of TNA's year thus far.

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