10 Best Wrestling Matches Of 2017

10. Keith Lee Vs. Donovan Dijak - PWG Battle Of Los Angeles Night 3


In 2013, Katsuyori Shibata and Tomohiro Ishii wrestled a categorical classic - a brutal p*ssing contest masquerading as a pro wrestling match, in which both strong style specialists almost politely smashed each other into smithereens.

Keith Lee Vs. Donovan Dijak adopted a similar narrative template, in that the two goliaths shared an unspoken agreement to wrestle a vintage PWG-style match despite their apparent physical limitations. With an explosion of backflips and cartwheels, the 6' 3", 332 lb Lee and the 6' 7", 270 lb Dijak performed moves, threaded with a narrative of oneupmanship, that they had no physical right to pull off.

For a grasp on the size of these two men, and the stage on which they wrestled, the ring broke with a simple Irish whip - which lent the subsequent carnage a genuine atmosphere of anxiety. Every time they ascended to the top turnbuckle, or flew into one other with stunning moonsaults, the ring threatened to collapse. More than a hollow succession of marquee spots and exhilarating one-count kick-outs, the element of showmanship and body language was unreal; when Dijak kicked out of another ridiculous bomb, Lee clung onto his shoulders with an expression of rage and disbelief.

The Monstars t-shirt trade-off tease could not have acted as a more fitting visual metaphor; this was a literally awesome pro wrestling match contested by two men as ultra-talented as they were ultra-gigantic, tearing a human-sized stage to shreds.


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