10 Best Wrestling PPVs Of 2017

Too Sweet.


Strangely, given the wall-to-wall match quality 2017 boasted, the major cards presented by major companies, on the whole, could not match their individual brilliance.

Much of this had to do with a very bizarre development coursing through the main roster of WWE; so many would-be great matches were rendered merely "good" through a fit of dumb layouts. Even the commentary teams, more or less programmed puppets, were not clued in on the rules of certain matches. Extreme Rules was a repeat offender; neither The Bar Vs. The Hardy Boyz, nor Neville Vs. Austin Aries, lived up to their potential because whomever was on agent duties had an absolute 'mare. Elsewhere, the endless churn necessitated copious inconclusive finishes ostensibly designed to spike interest in rematches. The strategy was optimistic in the extreme.

New Japan Pro Wrestling was not immune to the odd flub, either: the antics of Suzuki-Gun and the homogenised doubles division made for a few unfocused major shows, the epic durations of which were an inconvenient truth to those, your writer included, guilty of massive hyperbole. The twinned show format, too, created scope for some meh title challengers (El Desperado) and forgettable multi-man semi-mains.

Only NXT was consistently near-perfect...


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