10 Best Wrestling Threats Of All Time

Fear And Loathing.


Rarely has funny equalled money in WWE, but The Rock's constant threats to turn items sideways to stick up his opponents' a*seholes drew dollars and laughs alike during the company's turn-of-the-century creative and commercial peak.

It set in motion an unfortunate turn of events in the years that followed in which all babyfaces had to be inferior versions of the 'Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment' whilst all heels had to cower under the not-that-brilliant banter of the pretenders to his throne.

WWE's 2008 move to PG removed the swearing and anal insertion, but couldn't be blamed for a profound lack of ingenuity infecting the way wrestlers spoke to one another to build matches. Like a Marvel movie or a modern horror plot, Sports Entertainment had seemingly ran out of peril in an unnecessary quest for endless glib snark.

Fortunately, there has been a return to form for finding ways to make the fake fights feel real in recent years. Some wrestlers are sharp themselves, whilst some simply have the ability to deliver the cutting barbs fed to them.

In the case of one record-breaking titleholder, it was the former 'People's Champion' that brought out the best of both in him...


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