10 Best WWE Hidden Gems In 2018

Deserving of the second look they didn't get first time around...

sasha banks asuka

What do WWE Kickoff matches, 205 Live and Saudi Arabian stadium shows have in common?

If that sounds like the start of a bad (sarcastic and unfunny) wrestle-joke, then don't be alarmed. It's not, and is instead a straight up question free of any ill-needed smart-assery. The answer? They're all on this list, and all three produced some of the best hidden gems on WWE television in 2018.

For casual fans who watch the bigger matches on pay-per-view, Raw and SmackDown exclusively, this is a collection of alternative choices skipped first time around. For the hardcores out there, it's another excuse to revisit matches that may have blown up social media and had people talking temporarily, but didn't stick too long in the memory following the result.

Such is the way of pro wrestling now, especially in WWE. Today's treasure becomes yesterday's news quickly in the modern age, and it's why all of the bouts featured here have either been consigned to the bargain bin portion of your brain or slipped the net despite their fun factor when they happened...


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