10 Best WWE Insults Of 2017

Drop the mic.


It has been said before that words, unlike sticks and stones, can never truly hurt you.

That may be true for the majority of the population, but in the world of professional wrestling, the ability to humiliate your opponent with what is colloquially referred to as a "sick burn" is pretty much a prerequisite of making it to the top. It's especially important in WWE, where much of the three-hour Monday Night Raw running time is taken up by mere talking as opposed to action. If you can't come up with some zingers - or at least deliver the ones the creative team write for you with confidence - you're in big trouble.

Last year, and in particular the autumn feud shared by John Cena and Roman Reigns, perhaps illustrated this point better than ever. In 2017, the loudest and most excitable reactions elicited from the crowd were less likely to be in response to a jaw-dropping move, than they were a mic-dropping put-down.

The purists will probably find that a little depressing, but this is the so-called "reality era" after all - and nothing feels more real than watching wrestlers go below the belt.