10 Best WWE Intercontinental Title Matches Ever

Secondary School

Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon

Though a relatively small gripe on a list longer than the one Chris Jericho kept on his metal clipboard, Bret Hart was always legitimately offended that the Ladder Match had retrospectively been donated to Shawn Michaels' legacy after his acrimonious 1997 exit from the organisation.

'The Hitman' argued - with some just cause - that his introduction of the gimmick to Vince McMahon for a 1992 Intercontinental Title clash with 'HBK' shouldn't have been whitewashed from history in place of the epic WrestleMania 10 battle over the same strap between Michaels and Razor Ramon.

Justified as he may well have been in his irritation, Hart's complaints were long stifled by the glowing praise the match itself received. Brilliantly utilising one of wrestling's deadliest weapons, 'The Bad Guy' and 'The Boy Toy' were gallant and dynamic workers grasping for the sky-high title that held equally lofty prestige.

Reputation remains the reason for its very existence in 2018. Virtually every Champion over the past decade or so has claimed to be the man to restore it to a former glory despite only The Miz really coming within arms length of actually doing so.

'The A Lister' is a fine contemporary steward, but the shadow of the 'Show Of Shows' classic looms over his own glowing resumé of defences and victories. Not least because The Kliq buddies managed such spectacular feats twice...


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