10 Best WWE Matches Of 2018 (So Far)

Spoiler alert: Stephanie McMahon.


WWE's habit of tanking great performers with terrible booking has never been more apparent than in 2018.

Asuka, once the most magnetic performers in the company, is now a threatless parody of the monster she was in NXT, her mystique obliterated by James Ellsworth, Carmella, and broken English promos. Her countryman Shinsuke Nakamura has suffered a similar fate despite his heel turn's early promise. Remember the Authors Of Pain? They barely exist anymore. Roman Reigns was long considered the company's most over-protected star, but was sacrificed at the altar of Brock Lesnar this summer. The list goes on.

Athletic standards are higher than ever and the talent pool is impossibly deep, but WWE's cack-handed booking team has overseen a noticeable in-ring decline. This is particularly true of Raw and SmackDown. NXT, for the most part, remains a reliable source of excellence, but main roster PPVs are riddled with problems.

That doesn't mean that WWE haven't delivered great matches in 2018, though. They have, just not with the consistency fans should expect.

A roster this talented will inevitably transcend the writing on occasion, and their finest work compares favourably with anything on offer elsewhere...


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