10 Best WWE Redemption Stories

1. HBK's Comeback


It seems incredible to think now that Shawn Michaels' wrestling career could have ended in 1998, when so many of its best and most memorable moments came after his return (and apparent personality bypass) in 2002.

But, for a long time, that was exactly the reality that the Heartbreak Kid - along with all of his fans - had to face up to. The injury he suffered after bashing his back on a casket at the Royal Rumble seemed to be irreversible, and even if it wasn't it would surely at least neuter his all-action style in the ring.

Doctors have never been more wrong, though. Not only did HBK return at SummerSlam 2002 in what was, at the time, thought to be a one-off clash with Triple H, he went on to enjoy one of the greatest runs ever seen in the squared circle.

In terms of raw emotion, there will probably never be a sweeter moment than that of Shawn celebrating his World Heavyweight title victory after winning the original Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series. Simply, wrestling's ultimate redemption story.

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