10 Best WWE Redemption Stories

10. Stone Cold Reaches The Top


There were so many different ways in which Stone Cold's WrestleMania XIV WWE Title win can be considered a redemption story.

For one thing, it represented a remarkable turnaround in the career of a wrestler who was once thrown on the scrap-heap by Eric Bischoff. It was a lesson in not taking no for an answer, and pursuing your dreams no matter how firmly the odds are stacked against you (which, in this particular case, wasn't just a Michael Cole cliche).

On top of that, Austin had suffered a serious neck injury not one year earlier after a botched pile-driver from Owen Hart, the type of experience that would probably have deterred many from ever getting back in the squared circle, much less practising the kind of all-action style he did.

Throw in the fact that WWE were still, at the time, very much the underdogs of the Monday Night Wars - and were beginning to put their faith in younger stars like Austin, The Rock and Triple H - and this was a truly special moment, not least of all for the Texas Rattlesnake himself.