10 Best WWE Storylines Of 2017

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Ex-WWE writer Tom Casiello had a number of fascinating stories to tell about his time with the company in a recent podcast postmortem. His notes on working underneath Vince McMahon (and a structure created in his image) echoed sentiments from many others to walk the Titan Tower corridors during the past several years.

In a nutshell, the chaotic nature of modern storylines is a complete mirroring the process in which they are crafted. A character may turn heel on a whim literally due to the whims of McMahon himself. Similarly, an idea can take flight only to have its wings clipped because the Chairman had a bad cup of coffee at the time the angle was discussed.

Surviving the revolving door turnaround for several years, (Casiello noted how John Cena didn't care to learn his name because talent assumed writers would be gone within weeks anyway) he classified a 'Whodunnit' arc as a major no-no despite an enjoyable, tension-filled journey for the viewer. He felt the company was too often guilty of losing interest in the payoff, and maintaining the necessary patience, logic and forethought to get there. Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle's son was a rare success in this regard, but typical of Casiello's assessment, the negligence with Jordan's persona since then hasn't helped him adjust to life as the son of the Olympic Gold Medallist.

The mere fact that the following storylines clicked at all, not least as well as they did, is by this account at least, a minor miracle.


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