10 Best WWE TLC Matches EVER - According To Dave Meltzer

Reach For The Stars


Professional wrestling at its very safest is still one of the most dangerous activities the human body can experience, without the potential horrors of a Tables, Ladders and Chairs encounter.

Though it's decreased the actual need for the high-risk match in the first place, kudos to WWE for managing to narrow the carnage down to one night a year. And credit to the organisation this year for managing to arrive at their annual festival of wooden and metallic mayhem without completely over-saturating the gimmick altogether, instead electing to dedicate most of the build-up to the return of The Shield.

Over the last seven years, the event has endured cringeworthy force-feeds of particular weapons into storylines, with 2014's iteration even adding 'Stairs' to facilitate a wretched encounter between Erick Rowan and The Big Show.

Simply loading one match with the wholesale stipulation has always been infinitely preferable. Wrestling Observer boss and stoic pragmatist Dave Meltzer has liberally sprinkled snowflakes for the best efforts, with one contest in particular coming thisclose to the elusive five-star rating he so rarely doles out to anything WWE.

Of course, those stars don't necessarily make stars, but some of these beloved and well-regarded matches absolutely did.

(NOTE: In the event of a tied rating, the most recent match gets preferential treatment. Wrestling evolves at a breakneck pace, and any older contest outperforming a contemporary equivalent is deserving of the elevated status)


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