10 Big WWE Returns That Could Happen In 2018

2. Hulk Hogan


For months, we've been hearing rumours that WWE have opened contract negotiations with Hulk Hogan over a potential return in 2018, perhaps even to coincide with Raw's 25th anniversary celebrations next month.

There has been no official word yet, but it seems to make a modicum of sense. We know that at least one person in the corridors of WWE power is batting for the Hulkster in the shape of Triple H, who extended him a public olive branch soon after his scandal broke two years ago.

Besides which, nobody - regardless of how serious their infraction - seems to stay away from the wrestling ring for too long. The fans may not be forgiving, but Vince McMahon seems to be (or, at least, he is when being forgiving helps generate a bit of buzz around his product).

The fact is that, however unsavoury some of his views are (or were), Hogan remains one of professional wrestling's all-time biggest stars - and a return of some description next year would likely bring in a few more viewers to Monday Night Raw, even if he's long past the point of being able to compete.

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