10 Big WWE Returns That Could Happen In 2018

9. John Morrison


John Morrison has been linked with a return to WWE since at least mid-2016, back when it was suggested the company was looking to pad out its roster in time for the return of the brand extension.

It seems to make plenty of sense too. Morrison would be a signing similar to the likes of Shelton Benjamin, Rhyno and Mickie James over recent years: solid, experienced wrestlers capable of coming straight into the main roster without a lengthy acclimation period in NXT.

At a stretch, the Lucha Underground star could even perhaps have a role to play in 205 Live, where his parkour-inspired style in the ring would likely prove a big hit alongside some of the current cast of high-flyers.

If it happens at all, it will likely be in the latter half of the year. Morrison has only recently began appearing in Impact, and - given how many of their biggest stars could be nearing the exit door - they may look to tie him down in the immediate term.

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