10 Big WWE Returns That Could Happen In 2018

We can dream.


WWE fans have perhaps been spoiled over the last 18 months by a series of high-profile returns which have brought back some of professional wrestling's biggest ever names to our screens.

In 2016, we saw Goldberg get back in the ring after more than 12 years away, setting up one of the all-time dream matches between the former WCW stalwart and his spiritual successor Brock Lesnar.

The following year it was Kurt Angle - who came back at the annual Hall of Fame ceremony before being unveiled as the Raw general manager a couple of days later - as well as the Hardy Boyz, both just 24 hours apart.

At the moment, there are no obvious candidates to repeat the trick in 2018, but there plenty of "maybes"; wrestlers who (theoretically) still have at least one more WWE run in them, and could conceivably be enticed back under the bright lights by a big money offer.

And, as we all know, Vince McMahon has nothing if not plenty of money, which means that - admittedly, with varying degrees of probability - all of these 10 wrestlers could be back on Raw this year.

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