10 Big WWE Returns That Could Happen In 2019

Who will be 2019's Rey Mysterio?


If crowd reactions are currency in professional wrestling, the ‘Big Return Pop’ is one of the most valuable. Nothing beats the euphoric rush of a beloved face from the past making an unexpected comeback, though WWE’s propensity to spoil such moments by advertising them ahead of time often dulls their impact in the modern era.

Regardless, 2018 has brought us all kinds of thunderous WWE returns, from Rey Mysterio’s Royal Rumble appearance and eventual re-emergence as a full-time roster member to the host of familiar faces who’ve re-emerged as part of the Women’s Revolution. Oh, that James Ellsworth guy briefly got his job back as well, but let’s not talk about him.

Such moments are part of what makes the sport so much fun to follow in the first place. WWE understand this. They’ll keep delivering big returns at every opportunity, and guess what? There are a host of old faces ready to jump back into the fold in 2019, though they vary in feasibility and likelihood.

Each of these names would get the crowd pumping and the internet buzzing, and if WWE can pull even a handful of them off, 2019 is going to be awesome...


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